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Beachwear Guide for 2019:

Your personal Beachwear Guide for 2019 Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a must have to avoid the all to easily attainable ‘Gringa’ status! In order to mix innocuously amongst locals on the beaches of Rio, it is important to remember one thing. When it comes to Brazilian beachwear, for women and, very often for men, less is always more. Therefore, for women, the only swimsuit that is socially acceptable in Rio is a body hugging bikini with low-cut, revealing bottoms. Age or size is not a factor in the aforementioned style. One for all and all for one.

The Thong:

Wearing saggy bottoms that mask the entire rear will immediately give  one’s gringo status away. For those who are less inclined to bare all for fellow beach goers, there are more conservative styles. However, they still are generally only about half the size of those of the typical American or European bikinis. Others, who want to flagrantly flaunt what they’ve got, might prefer the famous “fio dental”. The thong as it is commonly called may take some adjustment at first. It is however like a good whiskey, it becomes an accustomed taste. Many gringas who at first are hesitant  actually come to prefer the Brazilian cut of bikini.

Beachwear Guide for Men:

In terms of the Beachwear Guide for men, the swimwear of choice is either board shorts (generally reserved for surfers) or the infamous sexy sunga. These are a slightly looser, squarer version of the speedo. In European and American circles swim wear of this style may be traditionally associated with the gay population but this is the standard issue for all men in Brazil. The sunga is integral to the social culture of Rio.

Futevolei :

Finally, there is a functional element too. The sunga allows for optimal range of motion” when playing futevolei on the beach. Once the perfect swimsuit has been purchased, make a beach visit complete with a pair of Havaiana flip flops and a canga (sarong), the Brazilian version of a towel. Never take an actual towel to the beach and try to get changed on the beach like in Europe. To really blend in with the crowd, be laid-back, wear Havaiana sandals and dress scantily on the beach. The last part is probably the most important lesson to learn. Feel comfortable in your own skin, you’ll need to get used to it in Rio.

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