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Boho Beach:

Summer 2018 is all about unleashing your inner bohemian spirit. Think delicate crafted crochet design with white flashes of silver trinkets and turquoise azure sea against sandy beaches. Boho-inspired patterns with intricate woven fabrics are paired with salty hair and sunkissed skin. Travel light with just a backpack. It’s time to drift through Moroccan markets drenched in colour and culture. Wear your patterned bikinis from the fields of Coachella to the sandy shores of Costa Rica. Put a bangle on your arm, a hippie braid in your hair and dreams of freedom floating through your mind.

Free Spirit:

Whether you’re lounging in a beach hammock at a seaside festival or duck-diving through the waves, there’s no better time to embrace  Rio Soul’s Boho Beach collection. Influenced by the Purple Haze days of the 70’s, and inspired by travels through Europe and an eclectic mix of textures and vivid colours. The latest collections from of Rio Soul Beachwear are all about embracing this season’s Boho Beach. Get set to grab that surfboard, pack your sun-bleached suitcase and head for crystal-clear waters and the lure of life, colour and music.

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