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Celebs have Snow fun in Bikinis:

I know it’s a hard sell, celebs in bikinis and winter snow are not natural bedfellows but whilst you’re wrapped up inside gazing at the winter wonderland let’s celebrate the forthcoming winter season with some sizzling pics of gorgeous celebrities showing off their bikini bods in the snow. For these starts, just because the colder months have arrived doesn’t mean bikini season has come to soon! I’m not sure I’ll be running outside in my Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini but seemingly it’s the perfect time for our favorite females celebs to take to the powdery snow in their most scandalous bikini for a photo shoot. Everyone from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian, just loves donning their skimpiest swimsuit as soon as the snow begins to fall!

Celebs have Snow fun in Hot Tubs:

Kim is not completely oblivious to the cold so she wraps up a furry bikini to keep the core temperature at a peak. As for Rihanna, she ensures no heat loss through by donning snow shoes in her scantily-clad  shoot. Another pastime of our celebrities is lounging in a hot tub when the snow is falling. Now this I can understand, frolicking in warm waters whilst surrounded by fresh snow. The likes of Mariah Carey, 47, and model Constance Jablonski, 26, have happily hopped into their outdoor hot tub in sub zero temperatures. So the lesson is, sure you can lounge about in bikinis under a baking sun but why not experiment in the snow like the celebs and gets some quality Instagram attention! A bit of frostbite is well worth the attention, at least for celebs in bikinis.

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