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Gym Bikinis & Romance:

According to the Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the most common place for the sparks of romance to fly outside the office is the gym. It makes sense of course that the workplace is traditionally the place where people have the most spicy romances. You go to work in the morning, your makeup is perfect, your hair is fresh, and you’re typically on your best behaviour (outside of Christmas parties). The shared space, goals, creative energy, and time leaves people more receptive than usual to a fellow colleagues flirtatious touch or glance. However, there is another space that also leaves us susceptible to the admiration and interests of the opposite sex, the gym.


Does your Bikini look like your old hockey pants:

A common type of crush is one between clients and personal trainers. A woman may feel not only physically close to a trainer as she works out under his guidance and instruction, but emotionally close as he supports her. When you’re at the gym, you’re already displaying your body.  This can be in your gym outfit but more often than not it’s down at the jacuzzi and pool that eyes begin to wander. There’s a whole element of physical attraction as we saunter from the steam room for and shower in full view. Why is it then that many attractive single women choose the bikini version of hockey pants for their poolside garb?

1940s – 2018:

In the 1940s corset manufacturers saw a gap in the undergarments market. Corsetry was losing ground, but the new more revealing swimsuits hid faults in a woman’s shape. Manufacturers achieved this by adding stretch tummy control panels to hold in the stomach. Many also built in bra cups and boning to give bust support. Women still continued to wear all in one swimwear in the 1950s, rarely wearing an adventurous and daring sassy two piece bikini. Times have changed we though, women have become more confident in their body and natural shape, or they should have but many Irish gyms are still populated by 1950s style swimwear. It’s a new year though boys and girls. Be confident & gym and swim in style. Check out our new Guilff range for a range of bikinis, monokinis and for the gentlemen Brazilian style sungas.

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