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Heatwave this weekend – Bikini time:

Bikini Time! Ireland’s warm weekend weather will bring us all to coastal waters to sand and sea to cool off from the searing heat. Met Eireann forecasts a 28C heatwave with high pressure and this will drag in baking air from the Mediterranean. Sounds like a good dose of happiness and sunlight is due. Some forecasters say that by the middle of next week, temperatures could even hit highs of 30C. It’s time to strip off, clap the sun screen on, and soak up the rays. Preferably in one of our new summer bikinis.

Beaches & Bikinis – weather this weekend:

So whats the plan for this weekend? The week-long heatwave starts this weekend with Met Eireann predicting record-breaking temperatures. “Saturday will be sunny and dry as well and it will be a little warmer with highest temperatures of 17 to 23 degrees. Again, northern coastal areas will be a bit cooler. Winds will be light and variable with sea breezes in the afternoon.” Ireland weather forecast: Met Eireann predict Sunday sizzling scorcher as heat hits 24C.

Find your Beach Look:

Find you style this weekend with one of Rio Soul Beachwear’s stunning range of handmade and lycra bikinis. Sure you can pop down to the 40 foot in Sandycove in old pair of GAA shorts and  tube top but why not look good on the beach this weekend. Find your style and turn some heads. Be you, be confident, be colourful and live!

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