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New Beginnings:

It’s February now and January’s New Year’s motivation and fresh optimism has now started to wane. Post the Christmas gorge it wasn’t so hard to fight the need to feast after weeks of sugary indulgence. One month later, the 5 day a week training plan has slowly etched away. The strict diet of fresh veg and fish has begun to slide as snacks become all too tempting. Old routines have reestablished themselves and some of you young mum’s out there might be resigning yourselves to your past furrowed ways.


The new vision of yourself for 2018, fit and lean, imagined with such clarity 30 days past has now started to blur and pixelate. Progress it seems has taken on a steep incline. Perhaps you don your towel from the changing room en route to the pool in the gym in the hope that most of the men who swivel and gawk will be spared a look at your unsculpted form. In June you may be holidaying in France or Spain but you can’t help picturing yourself shuffling awkwardly past the gaze of glazed and lithe onlookers on sandy shores.

So what can you do? The first step is to have pride in yourself, number one! Feel comfortable in your own skin. You are beautiful. Have faith in yourself and free yourself from insecurities that you have constructed that destroy your own esteem. It was never going to be easy to balance being a mother and a gym bunny. Refocus on the small goals, the daily goals, the doable steps from morning to afternoon. Don’t lose yourself in distant dreams. Take the challenges as the come bit by bit and the bigger vision will take form in it’s own time. Exercise is great but diet is key. Getting your body to start to look the way you want it to is 70% diet and 30% exercise so watch your portion size and resist the cravings.

There is time so take control and let this year be the one you finally grasped your goals. Good luck!

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